Long Island dietician who is an outstanding advocate for the beef industry

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Hello and Welcome to this episode fo Ag State of Mind a proud member of the Global Ag network. Today we are continuing our series on diet and nutrition with my friend Nicole Rodriguez. I'll start off and let everyone know that the episode ends rather abruptly. We had some issues with my rural internet connection that wreaked havoc for us. We had to restart our connection once but then it finally shut off for good toward the end. The joys of podcasting with rural internet. Nicole is a registered dietician from Long Island who is an incredible advocate for the beef industry. We talk about a lot of things but we really focus on advocacy in the beef industry and how we as producers have an important story to tell to help connect consumers with their food. We also talk about relationship with food. How there are no real “good” or “bad” foods and, simply, how we should actually eat real food and stay away from liquid diets and other things of similar nature. Nicole and I originally connected on Twitter but she has become one of my favorite follows on Instagram. To find out about Nicole, her blog, and her social media, go to https://enjoyfoodenjoylife.com/

ASOM- Ep 69 - Nicole Rodriguez, RD - Enjoy Food, Enjoy Life