Incredible virtual event for women in ag coming February 21

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We are going to pause our month on nutrition today to chat with my friend Whitney Larson. Whitney is a farmer from Western Kansas who is an incredible advocate for farmers and in particular farmers wives everywhere. If you have been a long time listener of the podcast, you’ll recall we talked to Kylie Epperson last April who is Whitney’s cohost of the Midwest Farm Wives podcast. So today is Whitney’s turn. This is a perfect opportunity to plug an event that is coming up which was created by whitney. On February 20, 2021 there will be an online event for women in ag that is titled Cultivating Courage. There are a wide variety of speakers on a number of different topics ranging from ag literacy to field meals. I am very honored to be the only man speaking at this event and sharing my keynote on mental health and how it affects us in ag. To register for this event go to

ASOM - Ep 68 - Whitney Larson - Cultivating Courage