What Being A Man Means To Me

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Thanks to you all for tuning in this month to our series where we dive into talking about men’s health. I want to thank all of the guests this past month… Henry Roberts, Allan Kehler, Matt Niswander, and Bryan Moes for their contributions to this mission of ours. It was so refreshing to hear their perspectives and to know that there are other men who are putting themselves out there to make mens health a priority! Today, I want to wrap up November with my own perspective on what being a man and masculinity mean to me. When researching the term “masculinity,” I found a number of virtues that are associated with it. To me, there were 3 virtues that I felt stood out above the rest… Leadership, Strength, and Courage. I’m going to dive in a bit to what those things mean to me and how I strive to make them a priority in my life. I wrap up by talking how anxiety is a tool and not something we should be scared of. It’s how we deal with anxiety is where the problems come. Check out the show notes at https://agstateofmind.com/2020/11/29/ag-state-of-mind-episode-62-being-a-man/

ASOM - Ep 62 - Being a Man