A film that captures the essence of rural America

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Great episode this week with Sam Goldberg. Sam is the producer of Silo the Film. Silo centers around a grain entrapment in rural America. However, it does more than bring awareness to farm safety. There are so many aspects of rural America caught in this film: family dynamics, stress on the farm, rural economy, cohesiveness in a rural community, et. al. We talk about Sam's background and how he came to be the driving force behind Silo. We then spend some time discussing the relationships that he formed while making this film and how he was so captivated by the people in Rural America. At the end of the show, we did something different and did a "post interview' with Sam after I had the opportunity to watch the film. I wanted to discuss in greater detail some of the family dynamics captured in the film. So thankful for my connection with Sam and I'm very excited to see where he goes with Silo and other projects. Find Sam and Silo online at https://www.silothefilm.com/

ASOM - Ep 41 - Sam Goldberg - Silo the Film