To have a successful farm, we must first take care of the farmer.

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Happy Memorial Day. Part 4 of our Across the River series features University Of Illinois’ Josie Rudolfi. Josie is an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at U of I. Josie grew up on a farm in Iowa and she releases her family’s story to the work she is doing today. Josie has been instrumental in providing some leading data in regards to ag mental heath. While working in Wisconsin, she helped conduct a study of farmers where the results were very intriguing to what we’ve been talking about in regards to access to mental health care in rural America. Lastly, we discuss her acronym H.E.R.D. (Hobbies, exercise, relaxation, and diversion)… all of the ways we can help manage our mental load. We discuss how to address the issue when the farmer claims he/she does not have time for those things.

ASOM - Ep 35 - Josie Rudolfi - H.E.R.D