How Amanda fulfills her many roles

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Amanda Radke has been a great influence on me for a lot of years. I began reading her Beef Daily Blog shortly after I graduated college and have been an avid follower ever since. She fulfills many obligations as a rancher, wife, mother, writer, and speaker from Mitchell, South Dakota. She is an incredible advocate for the beef industry and a mentor for folks like me trying to tell their story. We talk to her today about her writing on mental health and what sparked her to focus on these things in her writing. We also talk to her about her children's books and her recent experience of going viral with her message. Go check out Amanda online at

In the intro, I talk just briefly about a webinar taking place that is put on by the folks at AgriSafe regarding what Ag Producers need to know about COVID-19. Check that out at

ASOM - Ep 26 - Amanda Radke- Beef Daily Blog