Recent conversations have prompted me to re-release this episode with the wonderful pioneer and trailblazer

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I used to get super annoyed when podcasts would re release old episodes. That was before I was a podcaster. I know realize there is value in circling back to revisit old episodes. Dr Temple Grandin has one of the most special and brightest minds that has lent itself to the ranching industry. Through her groundbreaking work and research, she has revolutionized cattle handling. In a talk with a friend, I realize that this recording would be valuable to revisit due to the fact of our in depth discussion into the food supply chain. Enjoy this week's Thanksgiving episode with the great Dr. Temple Grandin. Brought to you by Mystik Lubricants. For a look at their full range of top-quality products, visit

ASOM Ep 160 - Rebroadcast of Temple Grandin Interview