A breakdown of my stressful Saturday

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Today is a solo episode where I’m sharing with you my incredibly stressful day this past Saturday. In an effort to be completely transparent and vulnerable on this podcast, I want to give you a little snapshot of what a stressful day is like for me. I don’t do this for you to feel sorry for me or to pity me. Instead, I want to help others know that it’s ok to have those rough days. However, it is very important to bounce back from them and not let them keep you down. I referenced a quote that my friend Clay Conry mentioned on one of his recent podcasts. His wife, Miranda, likes to say “It’s ok, we have all day!” I kept repeating that mantra all day on Saturday to keep me pushing through all the turmoil that was thrown my way. And guess what, it took all day… which was fine because “I had all day!” Show notes at https://agstateofmind.com/?p=2269

ASOM - Ep 133 - We Have All Day