Purdue Farm Stress

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I talk often about how my wife Keri is such an integral part of our podcast team. She helps so much behind the scenes with allowing me the space to operate this podcast. In October at FFA National Convention, she continued to help make this podcast what it is. She had a good conversation with today's guest Abby Heidenreich. Abby is an extension agent with Purdue University and she was at FFA with a booth for Purdue's Farm Stress project. Keri got her info and passed it along to me and a few months later we sat down and had a podcast conversation about what her and the entire team at Purdue are doing... and let me tell you I was SO impressed. Purdue is truly on the cutting edge of helping producers mitigate farm stress. To check out a little bit of what they are doing, go to https://extension.purdue.edu/farmstress/category/mental-health/

ASOM - Ep 126 - Abby Heidenreich - Purdue University Extension