How Ag Producers Can Manage COVID-19

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Welcome to our first Bonus Episode. Today we chat with Charlotte Halverson and Linda Emmanuel from AgriSafe Network. AgriSafe was formed in 2003 by rural nurses who believed that together they could improve the health and safety of farmers and ranchers. Charlotte and Linda are both nurses who are involved with AgriSafe and today they talk with Jason about the effects of COVID-19 and its effects on the Ag community. Jason and Charlotte first discuss the virus and its origin, symptoms, and how people can reduce risk of infection. Later, Jason and Linda talk about the emotional toll that COVID-19 can take and how to best mitigate that. Agrisafe recently put out a webinar that is available to the public on COVID-19. That can be found at

To find AgriSafe on-line go to

ASOM - BONUS EPISODE 1 - AgriSafe Network- COVID-19 and Effects on Ag