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The Ag News Daily podcast is compilation of the latest agricultural news in one convenient 30 minute talk show styled run down. Combined with fascinating interviews from folks all across the industry, the AND podcast aims to be your daily dose of agricultural news!

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Lots of news on the docket today - African Swine Fever outbreaks continue to be reported in China, the US and Canada have made "positive progress" in their trade talks, Farm Bill discussions kicked off in earnest and we want to hear from growers what the Trade Assistance Package sign up looks like!Plus, we've got an update from field reporter Bruce Gaarder with retiring Nebraska Ethanol Board administrator Todd Sneller, and an interview from the Farm Progress Show w/ Ben Dillon, founder of Tribine

Breaking news! Rain continues to fall across the corn belt! Just kidding, that's been the same old news since Friday. We do, however, have a news update on the Farm Bill conference committee and a new hire at the EPA; plus, a potential path to stability for the government of Argentina.And, wheat harvest is wrapping up with corn and bean harvests soon to be underway, so we checked in with a few agronomists while at the Farm Progress Show last week to hear how this year has performed and what growers are thinking about next year. Jeremy Miner is from Kruger Seeds and Brent Wilson is from Pioneer. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher!

Mark Qual from Qual Dairy joins for today's #TechTuesday episode to discuss their robotic dairy system. In the news today includes NAFTA talks, farmer assistance package, and tariff impacts.

Happy Fri-YAY y'all! We're ending the week on a fun note by talking to the hosts of another podcast joining the Global Ag Network - Angie Setzer, Karen Corrigan, and Jennifer Campbell! They are the voices behind the Girls Talk Ag podcast and today we chat about why they decided to create a podcast, what their life is like as moms and ag professionals, and some of the fun things they've encountered on their journey. We also hit some not-as-much-fun-news as farm income is predicted to drop again this year and a NAFTA signing by the end of today is looking less and less likely. But it's worth listening anyway, and subscribing any place you get podcasts!

A third and final great day at the Farm Progress Show 2018! Yesterday we had the chance to catch Secretary Sonny Perdue during and after his talk to the attendees at the show here and Boone and he did address several issues that farmers have been talking quite a bit about recently - WOTUS, NAFTA, and ethanol to name a few and we have a few of his clips to play today. We also snagged a little time with Iowa farmer and NCGA board member Kevin Ross for his thoughts on the administration and current goings-on in the world of agriculture; and we got to spend more time with our friends at Camso talking high speed tracks for road travel and remanufactured tracks for growers looking for a lower cost replacement option!

Second day of the Farm Progress Show was a little less wet than day one! No heavy rain, just heavy traffic and lots of new products on display. Today we caught up with cattle feeder and hauler Kurt Dallmeyer and talked about the cattle industry and the ELD mandate reprieve. We also had a second conversation with Martin from Camso about the differences of tracks versus tires under heavy equipment. We even have a special guest appearance by Iowa farmer Ted Hamer!

Live from the Farm Progress 2018 show today getting a little rain! Ag News Daily is powered today by sponsor Camso- tune in to find out how tracks are becoming the new trend in the equipment industry!

Lots of headlines today! The two big ones, at least for agriculture, are a) agreement on a deal between the U.S. and Mexico on the sticking points that were slowing down NAFTA talks, and b) USDA released the details of the $12 billion farmer aid package. We'll cover both plus a few other stories on the radar.Then, we're joined by friend of the podcast and noted market analyst Darin Newsom, and we take a look at what technical signals are being sent by these markets. (Hint: it might not be great). So tune in now and subscribe on your favorite source for podcasts!

Lots of news today about how there isn't any news! Strange day. No news on NAFTA, discussions ongoing over the weekend; no news on the $12 Billion 'bailout' plan; and no new news from the Fed, rates will continue to climb slowly.But, we did get some news out of Mexico earlier this summer about a very unique variety of corn that appears to be able to be its own source of nitrogen! We'll talk with one of the researchers looking in to this variety about how it works, and what it might mean for the future of grain production!Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast source, or bookmark the website and stream daily from there!

Well, trade continues to grab a bunch of headlines. Today, it's more chatter on NAFTA being 'close' to finished with Mexico; Canada requesting to sign off on any US/Mexico agreements, and the $16 Billion dollars of tariffs and countertariffs went in to place between the US and China.We also had the chance to catch up with Ted Seifried who has been traveling along the Western Leg of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour, and he fills us in on what he's noticed in the field.