Ag Queen Podcast | Episode 25 | National Center for Appropriate Technology

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Since the 1970’s, The National Center for Appropropriate Technology has been engaging with and educating farmers and helping them be successful with their operations. Through resource gathering and sharing, connecting them to experts, conducting workshops and more, Margo Hale, Southwest Regional Director, Livestock Specialist in the Southeast Regional Office says that they work hard to find the appropriate technology for farmers across the country on a very individualized basis.

Margo Hale, NCAT

NCAT is headquartered in Butte, Montana, but has field offices and representatives across the United States. In addition, they have specialists within the fields of agriculture. NCAT specialists work in the sustainable energy, farm energy, sustainable agriculture and information technology spaces. Hale also leads a “Armed to Farm'' program, where she has worked with over nine-hundred military veterans with hands-on and classroom learning opportunities for sustainable agriculture since launching in 2013. Farmer veterans learn how to run a successful business and market their products, how to access USDA resources, set business goals, and develop meaningful mentorships with seasoned farmers.

Farmer veterans who complete a training series stay connected to their peers and often develop ties to other farmers, increasing their ability to succeed. These farmer veterans have access to individualized technical assistance and one-on-one consultations, in-person networking events and virtual learning opportunities through the National Center for Appropriate Technology.

Ag Queen Podcast | Episode 25 | National Center for Appropriate Technology