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Hey y'all! Back to single seasonal mom life! In this episode we chat about preparing for harvest. We explain what our roles are during harvest and then we offer some life hacks and tell you a little about our operations during the harvest season. The one thing we want to emphasize is whatever you feel during the harvest season, you are for sure not alone. And please please, don't fall into the comparison game of another farm wife doing something more of less than you. "Its OK for someone to else to do more than you or even less than you and its especially OK for them to do things differently" -farmwifeguru

Listener review from apple podcasts- 5 stars! If you are looking for a bright and uplifting podcast to listen to look no further. Whitney and Kylie are two farm wives who keep it real and always look for a silver lining in life. The lessons they have learned from farming are so valuable, that can and should be applied to everyone's life, farmer or not. I love that they don't pretend to be perfect and end each podcast with a positive quote. If you are feeling down, turn on their podcast for a dose of positive energy and encouragement. You wont be disappointed. -Jackie O.

As always thanks for listening friends!

#6. The one where we prepared for extra grace.