Ep 33 - The one where we go with the flow.

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Welcome back ladies and what gentlemen are along on this ride with us. This episode we chat preparing for harvest, 9/11 and updates from our farms. GRACE PATIENCE and UNDERSTAND are our go to words for harvest. "If you gave it your best, then your best is enough!" Our mantra for harvest. Whits Blog Post we chat for harvest tips, hacks and recipes- https://farmwifeguru.com/2020/... We giggle, we chat our struggles as mom, farm wives and in general and we want you all to know we are here for you in any struggle you are facing! As we said please go listen to episode 6 the one where we prepare for grace, its a favorite of ours and one we really think is good to hear before harvest and any busy season you are entering!

#33. The one where we go with the flow.