Ep 32 - The one where the weather makes us or breaks us.

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We are know how much the weather can affect us as farmers. Seems we are gamblers and the weather is the dealer. To plant and tend to seeds solely on our faith that God will provide the right amount of rain and the right amount of sun is what farming is. And when things unpredictable happen and take away what we have worked so hard for, its a hard uncontrollable pill to swallow. So we are sending out big prayers to all the farm families and folks struggling in Iowa currently. If you have missed it on the news (mainly because it hasn't been recognized) August 10th 2020 the Midwest, mainly Iowa was hit strongly by Derecho, hurricane like winds that took out crops, homes, grain bins and so much more. We interview an Iowan who experience the storms rath first hand. https://www.facebook.com/eshel... If you are looking to donate and help our fellow farmers and friends in Iowa please see the amazing contributors below: American Red Cross https://www.redcross.org/about... Iowa Farm Bureau https://www.iowafarmbureau.com/Article/IFBF-donates-to-Red-Cross-for-derecho-relief

#32. The one where the weather makes us or breaks us.