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Moving Iron Podcast is a Podcast Designed for those interested and involved in the Ag Equipment Business. Moving Iron Podcast centers around the Economic Influencers of the Ag Equipment Business and how each Influencer effects the movement of Agricultural Equipment in North America.

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Casey Seymour has been buying, selling, and researching Used Ag Equipment for 12 years. His podcast, Moving Iron Podcast, centers around the economic influencers of the Ag Equipment Business. Listeners will hear daily market reports on Moving Iron Podcast’s Market Rundown with Chip Nellinger of Blue Reef Agri-Marketing and Angie Setzer of Citizens Elevator and Girls Talk Ag Podcast. Glen Birnbaum from Hienold Banwart, a CPA Firm, has a weekly appearance on Moving Iron Podcast’s Tax Moves. Casey also interviews a weekly guest ranging from Economists, Bankers, Ag Equipment Dealership Personal, Auctioneers, and a cross section of guests from the Equipment Industry. If you are looking for a place to hear the latest news about the Ag Equipment Industry, your search is over!


Casey Seymour

Casey Seymour

Having spent his entire career in Use Equipment Remarketing at 3 different dealer groups, and personally responsible for much of the industry’s sharing of best practices on the subject, Casey Seymour brings a unique viewpoint to the Ag Equipment Dealer Business. Recognized by Farm Equipment Magazines as one of the best and most practical minds in the industry, he’s personally worked to instill inventory management controls and understanding of fundamentals for all dealers. Now leading remarketing efforts at a 16-store dealer group, explaining inventory management in the most common-sense terms, and known for his practical language. You can catch Casey’s Podcast, Moving Iron Podcast, where he discusses the latest in equipment trends. You can find Moving Iron Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio, and Sound Cloud. You can also visit Casey is married, has 3 children, and resides in Scottsbluff, NE. In his free time he enjoys hunting, Fishing, and the Great Outdoors.